Sahodaya School Complex

Kolkata Chapter

About Kolkata Chapter

The seeds of the Sahodaya School Complex Kolkata were sown more than two decades ago in 1988 by its founder Secretary Mrs. Usha Mehta and founder President Mr. M. N. Pandey (Principal Hindi High School, now Birla High). The concept was envisaged by these two visionaries after having attended the National Sahodaya meets in Chennai and the other places. Gradually year after year the Inter School Sports’ Meets were hosted by many affiliated schools like M.P.Birla, BDMI, Hindi High(Now Birla High), Kalyani Central Model and Indira Gandhi Memorial School etc. These occasions were graced by such dignitaries like renowned hokey player Mr. Gurbaksh Singh, Mr. Khandelwal( Chairman, CBSE) and others.

A huge Inter School extravaganza was held in 1996-97 at Nazrul Manch which was extremely successful. The Sahodaya School Complex equipped itself further and grew under the able guidance of some other prominent individuals like Mr. I. V. Sharma(Principal, Hindi High School(Now Birla High), Mr. Goswami ( Bhava’s Gangabaux) and Mrs. S. Bose ( now at rector DAV). They worked hand and hand to frame the constitution of the Sahodaya Complex, the papers of which were then sent to Mrs. Sugandha Sharma (Presently Education Officer, Commerce) for approval. The complex was registered and established and following this, Mrs. Mehta (as the founder Secretary) and late Mr. M .N. Pandey( the founder Presidnt, Sahaodaya) attended all the national level Sahodaya Complex Meets. The structure of the complex compromising of the President, Secretary and the Treasurer was worked upon, paving the way to the opening of a Bank Account and all the associated paraphernalia necessary for the running of the committee.